Read what our young people have to say in the 2016 Youth Declaration, a document which reflects views of over 200 young people from across the country on some of New Zealand’s major issues and the community’s role in combating them.

These young people participated in Aotearoa Youth Declaration a four-day conference where young people worked in groups to create policy and value statements on a broad range of issues, as well as coming up with action plans to deal with problems throughout various aspects of New Zealand society.

The perspectives, opinions, ideas and passions of young New Zealanders’ are important and valued.

The Declaration has become a widely recognised source of youth opinion, and is highly valued in the government and community. It is sent to Members of Parliament, local government bodies, NGOs, businesses and sponsors. The Youth Declaration is to serve as one of the few comprehensive reference points to look to when considering the youth perspective on a societal issue.

Huge congratulations to Joshua Ramsay and his team for coordinating such an excellent conference and for ensuring young people’s voices are valued and heard. We are proud to have supported the Youth Declaration.