After 45 years, Charitable Trust United Way NZ has decided to step back from their international counterparts, rebranding as the Catalytic Foundation.

Catalytic Foundation CEO Teresa Moore said that Covid-19 has shown us that everyone can contribute something to making New Zealand a better place. By leveraging catalytic philanthropy, we can unlock resources from businesses and donors and by combining them with the non-profit sector, be catalysts for change.

“Our focus is on promoting wellbeing and looking after people, so it made sense for us to amplify our collective efforts, focusing on the needs in New Zealand communities. Worldwide the rise of catalytic philanthropy has been motivated by the growing need and desire for donors to use their resources and take greater social responsibility. This model is a more strategic and targeted way of giving which focuses on collaboration and has been commonly used by large organisations such as the Gates Foundation, where Bill and Melinda Gates leverage real change in society”. Moore says.

Martina O’Driscoll, Funding and Relationships Manager, The Tindall Foundation is excited about the new direction. “United Way NZ has been one of The Tindall Foundation Local Donation Managers for over 20 years. They have supported us in the distribution of local funds in several regions across the country that supports families in New Zealand. We look forward to continue working with the organisation, as Catalytic Foundation”

The organisation has a long history of helping individuals, organisations and philanthropic funds engage with community needs, and this good work will continue with no changes in structure or staffing. The Catalytic Foundation will continue their regional work, supported by a team of over 100 volunteers around the country.

Moore believes that the landscape for charities is changing, it’s not just about donating money, we have many organisations and individuals who support us through their giving of volunteering skills, donations and resources, to frontline charities”.

“Deloitte New Zealand have been proud supporters of United Way NZ over the last several years. They have enabled us to engage with and further support the communities in which they serve, while also aligning with our own community engagement and outreach initiatives” said Deborah Lucas, of Deloitte NZ.

The Catalytic Foundation is proud of their history with United Way Worldwide and will still work closely with the organisation on Asia-Pacific projects, research, trends data and connections with international donors.

Moore says, “the rebrand to Catalytic Foundation allows us the freedom to conceive new technology, ideas and initiatives that will resonate with New Zealanders to accelerate social impact, for the people of Aotearoa”.